EuroCave Modular Wine Racking Systems

Eurocave has developed wine rack concepts that allow you to store wine in a unique layout for your floor space at home or business. As a leading designer and manufacturer of quality wine storage, wine cabinets, cellar conditioners and wine bars, Eurocave has developed various wine rack systems. Thanks to their modular design, you can keep the number of wine bottles you desire and customize your wine storage system to fit your space perfectly.

EuroCave wine storage systems

To store properly your wines in your natural cellar, EuroCave offer various racking systems :

  • Modulorack: The best modular solution for storing your bottles directly in their original cases
  • Modulosteel: a contemporary black painted steel storage system which is totally customisable.
  • Modulotheque: a luxury solid oak racking system, to create a tailor-made storage for your bottles in your cellar.
  • Modulo-X is completely customizable in terms of storage and layout. With integrated backlighting over the entire height of the installation and a cleverly arranged presentation of the bottles, Modulo-X is used to stage your wines