EuroCave Inspiration Wine Cabinets

Introducing EuroCave Inspiration
The heart of the home, the kitchen is no longer reserved just for cooking. A place to gather and spend time together, it is open to all the family and often friends too. 
The kitchen has become a place where good times are shared, things are created, ideas germinate and chemistry happens…
In this respect, the kitchen is just like the host: practical, welcoming and full of life! Which is why wine lovers often choose to store their best bottles there. 
Because shared moments, around a table or in a bar, are usually the perfect time for enjoying a glass of wine.
Built-in or flush-fitted, the Inspiration range adapts to your kitchen and the space in which it is installed.
Inspiration offers a choice of three cabinet sizes that can store from 29 up to 89 bottles!
  • Size S is similar to “washing machine” size and its maximum capacity is 29 bottles.
  • Size M is equivalent to an average-sized wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 59 bottles.
  • Size L is equivalent to a large wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 89 bottles.


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